What is the best drugstore bronzer?

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Bronzer can be an excellent complement to a woman’s skin. This makeup item provides an overall lift to the skin, and it can create an illusion of health. If you are paler than you desire to be, then bronzer can give your skin a boost of color. If you go to a drugstore, a woman will quickly discover that there are many bronzers to choose from. In fact, the sheer number of products to choose from can become slightly overwhelming. Maybelline bronzer and Skin bronzer are two of the leading products in this genre, and the best bronzer for you will be the one that complements your skin in the most natural manner.

The first step in finding the best bronzer for you will be to determine if your skin is oily or dry. After washing your face, wait several hours and glide your fingers over your face. If there is a slight film over your skin, then you will most likely have oily skin. Both Maybelline bronzer and Skin bronzer offer products in powder form that are designed for oily skin. Skin bronzer offers their powder in a pressed powder form, and Maybelline bronzer offers their product in both pressed powder and loose powder form. To reduce the possibility of a shine or sheen of film developing on your face, you should choose a matte bronzer.

If you have dry skin, then you should invest in purchasing a lotion or gel bronzer. This type of bronzer smoothly glides over the skin, and it can provide an individual with an even, sheer color. Once again, both Maybelline bronzer and Skin bronzer offer products of this type. However, in customer reviews, individuals seem to prefer Skin bronzer in a liquid form. The primary complaint against Maybelline bronzer is that it can produce an oily sheen on ones skin after several hours. In contrast, consumer reviews seem to favor Maybelline bronzer in powder form over Skin bronzer. The primary complaint against Skin bronzer in powder is that it can settle into fine lines in the skin, giving the wearer an increased aged appearance. However, the best bronzer for you will be your choice. It may be prudent to try both of these products to see which one you prefer.

Fashion Inspired By Whitney Port: Floral Dress + Boyfriend Blazer= A FASHION HIT!

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If you are a fan of reality television shows, The City and/or The Hills, you are familiar with Whitney Port. Although her claim to fame is through reality television, her personal style makes it very clear that Whitney is not at all in experienced with fashion.

Whitney, a former writer for Teen Vogue, is featured on hundreds of internet fashion blogs and forums daily. She is a well known trend setter and is known for her chic, yet bohemian look.

Whitney is notorious for pairing a short and flirty floral dress with a blazer or cardigan.

Stealing Whitney’s style is not only easy but is definitely affordable. Short and flirty floral sundresses are one of the summer’s hottest trends. Depending on your body type, you may want to go with a longer version of Whitney’s short dresses.

Option One:

Satin Floral Dress: $34.00 Get Yours Now Before It Sells Out!

Linen Boyfriend Blazer: SHOP now before they sell out

If you have toned legs (long or short), pulling off this style is a breeze. Even if your legs are slightly flabby, you may be successful with this dress if it is paired with heels. It is no secreat that heels are great for instantly toning up your legs.

The blazer is an easy fix. The only challenge that you may encounter would come into play if you have a long torso like myself. Most blazers made in this style are available in one standard length. If you have a longer torso, you might have to order from a store that has a line designed for tall ladies. Some stores that commonly have tall fashions are Banana Republic, Newport News, Victoria Secret, The Gap and Ann Taylor.

Option Two
Pleated Floral Dress: On Sale! $44.20

Linen Boyfriend Blazer: SHOP now before they sell out

If your legs are not as toned or if you are over the teeny booper stage and prefer something a little longer, you can also take a stab at this style. Simply select a dress that is a little longer and falls perhaps mid thigh. This is certainly more comfortable if you plan to do a lot of moving around…if you know what I mean. Pair a longer dress with the same boyfriend blazer and viola! We have a hit!

PZI Exclusive: Pewter Skinny Jeans

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Just in time for Mother’s day! Charm your friends and family in these sexy skinny jeans…or make your mother’s day with a “denim make over”

More details on the jeans here

Pewter Jean – Dark Wash. 98% cotton 2% spandex. Imported denim Basic 5 Pkt Skinny jean. Grey wash. Full embroidered detail back pocket. Tight Fit. Machine washable. Available in Short 30″, Regular 32″ and Long 34″ inseams. sizes 4 – 16