Acne Natural Remedy: Dries Out Pimples Overnight!

Having suffered with ugly dark spots from acne for much of my life, I have been searching for an acne natural remedy for quite some time. Yes, there are nice products on the market to treat job about any skin condition you can imagine. My concern is those times in which those miracle products are not accessible…. What do you do if you notice a pimple rearing its ugly little head the night before a huge event? Sephora, Ulta and shopping malls all have hours of operation. What do you do when you need to get rid of a pimple WITHOUT your fancy creams or products?

My acne natural remedy discovery:

acne natural remedyI couple of months ago I experienced a huge breakout. I was pretty embarrassed because I had two large pimples on the right side of my face. My husband inquired quite a few times as to what was going on with my skin. Well, that second. That moment. The search began. I discovered a group of ladies that swore by hydrogen peroxide, a warm towel and ice. I was a bit lazy to try all of that; instead, I opted for hydrogen peroxide followed by a warm (almost hot) towel. Amazingly, it worked! I soaked a cotton pad in peroxide and held it to my face for several minutes. Afterwards, I held a warm towel to the same spot. The next morning, one of the pimples had completely dried up and was nowhere in sight. The larger pimple shrank considerably. I repeated the process that evening and within the next 24 hours the second pimple disappeared.
It’s awesome to have a million effective products. However, it is also good to have “an ace in your back pocket”. Natural remedies for acne should be stored in your beauty cabinet. One of the major aspects of beauty and fashion is being prepared for the unexpected…like a pimple!

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