Acne Natural Remedy: Dries Out Pimples Overnight!

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Having suffered with ugly dark spots from acne for much of my life, I have been searching for an acne natural remedy for quite some time. Yes, there are nice products on the market to treat job about any skin condition you can imagine. My concern is those times in which those miracle products are not accessible…. What do you do if you notice a pimple rearing its ugly little head the night before a huge event? Sephora, Ulta and shopping malls all have hours of operation. What do you do when you need to get rid of a pimple WITHOUT your fancy creams or products?

My acne natural remedy discovery:

acne natural remedyI couple of months ago I experienced a huge breakout. I was pretty embarrassed because I had two large pimples on the right side of my face. My husband inquired quite a few times as to what was going on with my skin. Well, that second. That moment. The search began. I discovered a group of ladies that swore by hydrogen peroxide, a warm towel and ice. I was a bit lazy to try all of that; instead, I opted for hydrogen peroxide followed by a warm (almost hot) towel. Amazingly, it worked! I soaked a cotton pad in peroxide and held it to my face for several minutes. Afterwards, I held a warm towel to the same spot. The next morning, one of the pimples had completely dried up and was nowhere in sight. The larger pimple shrank considerably. I repeated the process that evening and within the next 24 hours the second pimple disappeared.
It’s awesome to have a million effective products. However, it is also good to have “an ace in your back pocket”. Natural remedies for acne should be stored in your beauty cabinet. One of the major aspects of beauty and fashion is being prepared for the unexpected…like a pimple!

4 Secret Tips for Glowing Skin

In an effort to prepare for the Holidays, let’s review tips for glowing skin. One of the noticed is skin. Nothing is sexier than healthy, smooth, glowing skin. There are several hundred skincare products on the market to help ladies achieve healthy, glowing skin. Ironically, some of the best skincare products are free. Wait; do not get too excited, we said SOME.
1. Drink more water.
One common factor in skincare tips for a number of skin issues is water. Drinking the right amount of water will really show in the skin! If water is not your beverage of choice, break up some of those servings with fruit that contains a lot of water. Some examples of fruit that contain a lot of water are kiwi and watermelon.
2. Watch what does in your mouth.
As with dieting for weight loss, the diet is also important when establishing a skincare regimen. There are some foods that can cause break outs or even result in dull skin. In addition to the obvious, like sugar, also limit processed foods. Some of these foods contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin.
3. Nourish your skin.
skincare tips maskBorghese Fango Mud Mask
iconVisiting a spa for a professional mask or creating a mask at home, treating your skin to a little TLC is definitely a good thing. Facial skin is much different than the skin on other parts of the body. This is why at times; the face requires extra steps to achieve the desired results.
4. Exfoliate
Exfoliation encourages the removal of dead skin cells. This is extremely important if there are blemishes or marks on the skin. Exfoliate weekly and overtime the results will be amazing.
If you do not have tons of money to try different beauty products you can still have beautiful skin. While it may require work, it is possible to create a skincare regimen to improve the look of your skin. With the help of a few skincare products and the tips for glowing skin we have shared, beautiful skin is just a “scrub” away.

Brazilian Bikini Wax: 3 Reasons Every Woman Should Get One!

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What is a Brazilian Bikini Wax?

A Brazilian bikini wax treatment removes all pubic hair from the entire “southern” region. Some women opt to leave a small patch just “over the top”. It is thought to be very good for feminine hygiene and oral intimacy.

What is the big deal about the treatment?

Reasons to get a brazilian bikini wax

If you mention Brazilian bikini waxing in a room of men and women, most men will smile really big and women will cringe. Most men find it very appealing and it also makes certain acts of intimacy “better” from a man’s perspective. However, as with any waxing treatment, a Brazilian bikini wax is very painful. This is because a large area is being waxed at once. In addition, the skin in this area is much thinner than skin in other places.

Why should I get a Brazilian bikini wax?

While there are many cons to getting this type of treatment, there are definitely advantages. Three reasons every woman should experience this are:

-Longer Lasting Results
-No Razor Bumps
-The AMAZING feeling after

While we can all agree that it would be awesome to not have to touch up that area as much or even not have to deal with razor bumps, the last reason outweighs them all. After the treatment, women feel an incredible sense of liberation and SEXINESS!

What about you? Have you experienced a Brazilian bikini wax? Please share your experience!

What is the best drugstore bronzer?

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Bronzer can be an excellent complement to a woman’s skin. This makeup item provides an overall lift to the skin, and it can create an illusion of health. If you are paler than you desire to be, then bronzer can give your skin a boost of color. If you go to a drugstore, a woman will quickly discover that there are many bronzers to choose from. In fact, the sheer number of products to choose from can become slightly overwhelming. Maybelline bronzer and Skin bronzer are two of the leading products in this genre, and the best bronzer for you will be the one that complements your skin in the most natural manner.

The first step in finding the best bronzer for you will be to determine if your skin is oily or dry. After washing your face, wait several hours and glide your fingers over your face. If there is a slight film over your skin, then you will most likely have oily skin. Both Maybelline bronzer and Skin bronzer offer products in powder form that are designed for oily skin. Skin bronzer offers their powder in a pressed powder form, and Maybelline bronzer offers their product in both pressed powder and loose powder form. To reduce the possibility of a shine or sheen of film developing on your face, you should choose a matte bronzer.

If you have dry skin, then you should invest in purchasing a lotion or gel bronzer. This type of bronzer smoothly glides over the skin, and it can provide an individual with an even, sheer color. Once again, both Maybelline bronzer and Skin bronzer offer products of this type. However, in customer reviews, individuals seem to prefer Skin bronzer in a liquid form. The primary complaint against Maybelline bronzer is that it can produce an oily sheen on ones skin after several hours. In contrast, consumer reviews seem to favor Maybelline bronzer in powder form over Skin bronzer. The primary complaint against Skin bronzer in powder is that it can settle into fine lines in the skin, giving the wearer an increased aged appearance. However, the best bronzer for you will be your choice. It may be prudent to try both of these products to see which one you prefer.

How to Choose a Signature Fragrance

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Have you ever walked in the room and smell someone’s perfume that lingered? Have you ever smelled a fragrance and immediately thought of a friend or your mom? Not only is the sense of smell on of our powerful senses, but it also can remind you of special occasions or people.

Choosing your signature fragrance is not as hard as it may seem. There are a few factors to consider such as your personality and the types of fragrances that you like.
When you are planning to purchase a new fragrance, it is wise to consider your current fragrance picks. Make note of whether you typically are drawn to floral, oriental, soft or fruity scents.
Once you have identified these scents, create a list to bring along when shopping. It is easy to get sidetracked for forget scents that worked or did not work. Knowing the types of scents you are currently fond of will help narrow down your choices for furture fragrance purchases.
Once you have determined the scents that you like, we should now take a look at your personality. Your fragrance should also somehow reflect your personality. For example, if you are sensual you may opt for a oriental scent. If you are confident, perhaps a vanila fragrance is your match. Floral scents usually match will with overly prissy women.
By no means are the above the gospel or etched in stone, but instead use the references above as a reference if needed. Once you have compared your personality traits to your current list of likes, it should be easy to narrow down your fragrance options.
While you may immediately love your new fragrance, in order to get a true feel for it, wear your new fragrance for a few weeks. While fragrances smell wonderful in the bottle or on the sample card, often they can smell different with body chemistry. Once you have worn the fragrance for several weeks and you are still in love, you have found your signature fragrance!

What is the Best Brow Shape for your Face?

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The Most Suitable Eyebrow Shapes For the Face

The Most Suitable Eyebrow Shapes For the Face
By Karen Caruso

Eyebrows are an important feature of the face because they give the face its shape and frame the facial features of eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and chin. The eyebrows are one of the few facial features that can be shaped to enhance the beauty of the face.

To achieve the most flattering effect it is important to consider both face shape and eye types. The perfect eyebrow shape is closely related to the actual shape of the face. The basic eyebrow shape is also determined on the bone structure of the face. Below are descriptions and illustrations of eyebrow shapes which are most appropriate for different shaped faces.

Oval – A perfectly balanced face shape

Round – Well-rounded full cheek and chin area; face length is relatively short

Oblong – Longer than wide; face has same width across the forehead, jaw line, and cheekbone

Square – Width of the cheeks and forehead are similar; width of the jaw line and forehead being alike as well

Heart – Fuller and wider at the forehead tapering down to the cheeks then down to a pointed chin

Diamond – Widest at the cheekbones and equally narrow at the forehead and jaw line

Discover the Shape of the Face

OVAL Face Shape

The oval frame is considered to be the perfectly balanced face; the top half balances the bottom half. The oval face is characterized by being slightly wider at the cheekbones than the forehead or jaw-line. It also appears slightly wider at the cheek-line and tapers slightly to the chin.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for an Oval Face

Oval face shapes can get away with just about any eyebrow shape. Oval is the ideal face shape and any natural shape of the eyebrow works well with an oval face. Oval is the perfect model frame.

ROUND Face Shape

The round frame has a large-curved forehead with a rounded chin, thus making the face look full with very few angles. The cheekbones are undoubtedly wider than the eyebrow bone and jaw line. When measuring a round face there is little difference between the width of the face and the vertical measurement. The face is almost as wide as it is long.

Objective Proportion – Create more definition. Flatter your round frame by creating an oval appearance that will lift the facial features and lengthen the face shape to give an image of a thinner look.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for a Round Face

Apply an eyebrow line that goes up the face by arching the eyebrow high and leaving the tapering part small. The center of the arch should move out towards the end of the eyebrow while the end should be short. A high arched eyebrow shape will draw attention away from the width of the face.

OBLONG Face Shape

The oblong frame is longer than it is wide and close to the same width across the forehead, jaw line and cheekbone. The oblong shape may have a very narrow chin or a very high forehead. Having a prominent chin also characterizes an elongated appearance.

Objective Proportion -Have the oblong face appear shorter and broader.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for an Oblong Face

To make a long face appear oval one should apply horizontal lines to the face. Apply an eyebrow line that is flat and keep the arch low; this stops the eye from going up the face. A flat eyebrow opens the eyes horizontally to give the appearance of an oval face. This eyebrow shape will draw the eye from side to side and stop it from going up and down.

SQUARE Face Shape

The square frame has a broad forehead and jaw line and tends to have sharper angles in the corners of the face. The width of your cheeks and forehead will be similar. The width of your jaw line and forehead may also be similar, thus giving an angular overall appearance with the rectangular face being longer than it is wide.

Objective Proportion – Create an illusion of length. Soften the angles giving the illusion that both the forehead and jaw line appear narrower.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for a Square Face

A thick eyebrow is best suited for a square frame face with a strong jaw line. The peak of the eyebrow is most effective when positioned exactly above the square of the jaw. This eyebrow shape will balance out the square appearance of the face and soften the facial contours.

HEART Face Shape

The heart frame is fuller and wider at the forehead tapering down to the cheeks, then down to a narrow and pointed chin. The jaw line on this facial shape is not usually prominent. This facial frame has a narrow chin that leads up to a broad forehead and the cheekbones are very visible.

Objective Proportion – Create an illusion of a narrower forehead and fuller jaw line. Diminish the width at the forehead and create a wider, fuller jaw effect of the face.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for a Heart Face

Rounding the eyebrows with softer peaks is best suited for a heart shape face. A rounded shape helps by adding curves to soften the face plus emphasizes the lovely heart shape.

DIAMOND Face Shape

The diamond frame is a cross between a heart and dramatic oval shaped face. It is widest at the cheekbones and narrow equally at the forehead and jaw line. The face is highly angular with a short forehead and being widest at the temples. The cheekbone is clearly wider than the forehead and jaw line.

Objective Proportion – Create an illusion to reduce the width around the cheekbone line.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for a Diamond Face

There are two suitable shapes; rounding the eyebrows will soften the angular face or keep emphasis on the center arch of the eyebrow to balance the width of the face or a peaked eyebrow will help narrow the width of the distinctive diamond wide face.

Enhancing Eyebrow Growth

Having fuller, thicker and healthier eyebrows easily makes the shaping of the eyebrow process more manageable and less tedious. Women who have the misfortune of thinning eyebrows, eyebrow loss or over plucking of the eyebrows, Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Conditional Gel can help to achieve thicker healthier eyebrows. The gel will stimulate eyebrow growth making them thicker and healthier. For women who are looking for an instant fuller eyebrow effect Talika Eyebrow Extender will make the eyebrows look naturally thicker; your look is deeply intensified. The Eyebrow Extender is the perfect alternative to liners and tattoos.

Karen Caruso

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Flawless Hands: Manicure and Pedicure Tips to Achieve a Polished Look!

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Perfect Manicure tips

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The Perfect Manicure and Pedicure How To

The Perfect Manicure and Pedicure How To
By Jenny Jen

Doing a manicure and pedicure at home can be easy; you don’t have to be a great painter as long as you can stay in the lines. At home, manicures will also save you some cash instead of going out to the salon. If your chipped or ragged nails are driving you nuts, here is a way to clean them up and get yourself looking like you have just left the salon.

Start by removing any old polish with acetone polish remover and a cotton ball. A cotton ball holds up much better and will not fall apart causing you to waste more remover than needed. Next, clip and file your nails to their desired length. Consider a round or square shape and try to keep all nails around the same length.

Next, soak your hands or feet in a bowl of warm water for about five minutes, you can add in some liquid soap to help soften up nails and cuticles. Be sure the water is not too hot because this will actually end up drying out your hands. When you are finished soaking, apply a cuticle cream over the bottom of the nails to soften any rough spots.

Using a cuticle stick or a Popsicle stick, works fine if you don’t have one, push back cuticles off your nail bed so they are out of the way for polishing. If you are used to a self-manicure and want nails to look great you can also cut back your cuticles if you feel comfortable doing so. Afterward clean and exfoliate hands with a scrub or homemade mixture of your choice, then wash it off.

Last thing to do before polishing is moisturize. Dry hands and apply the best lotion you have around the house. Make sure nails are wiped clean from any lotion and you are ready to polish. Apply a base coat first then two thin coats of polish. Let it dry then finish with a topcoat to help protect nails. If you are a little messy with the color, you don’t have to start all over again, just grab a Q-Tip and use nail polish to clean up skin around the nails.

Keep a few things in mind. Even if you don’t have time for polish to dry, clean manicured nails still look better than chipped polish. If you store polish in a cool dry place it will last much longer and prevent gunk build up. Also remember if you have a busy lifestyle, light polish is much easier to maintain than dark, so you will have less work in the future.

One of the best inventions I have found for pedicures is the Ped Egg. Everyone I know absolutely loves the Ped Egg foot file because it’s small and easy to use. The worse your feet, the better Ped Egg works. Don’t believe me? Read other Ped Egg reviews.

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Brown Eyed Girl: Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

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Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes and Makeup

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Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes
By Lynn Starner

While I don’t believe that there are set-in-stone makeup tips for brown eyes, I do know some people like to have a set of “rules” to help them out. This article is going to cover some very basic steps that women with brown eyes can follow. Keep in mind that variety is the spice of life, and if you really like a color there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it out. You may be surprised at how good it looks on you. In my experience, experimenting is all the fun. So, remember these are merely guidelines to help you choose colors when you’re standing there in front of 300 colors and have no idea where to start. Just because I don’t mention anything about a certain color does not automatically exclude it from the list.

Choosing An Eyeshadow

The most popular question I get is “what eyeshadow can I wear with my eye color?” Listen up, and I’ll tell you.

General makeup tips for brown eyes always include browns, beige and neutral tans. Grays and charcoals look good with this eye color, as do violet and lavender. You can mix it up with a lavendar and a violet.

Khaki and olive green are a great color combination. Browns with green highlights or copper highlights are always a fun option. Try copper and even gold. If your eyes have a tinge of green, or like mine are half green, choose green eyeshadows as well.

You’ll find that even though you’ve heard that you should never wear an eyeshadow the same color as your eyes, that brown shadow can look very good with brown eyes and green shadow can look very good with green eyes. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding the “right” shade. Brown eyeshadows are all pretty safe, so you don’t have to worry too much about those. Colors like purple, green and blue require a bit more testing.

Black is out, so don’t use it as an eyeshadow.

Keep trying until you find a color you like. You’ll know when it’s right- trust your instincts.

Colors To Avoid

Like I said, I hate to rule anything out, but makeup tips for brown eyes should include that certain pink and mauve eyeshadows can cause you to look swollen or puffy around your eyes. It isn’t true for all women or for all pinks, either. But if you’re certain you don’t want to risk it, avoid pinks. Mauves also fall into this category. It may be because women with brown eyes tend to have more yellow skintones making them warm complexioned and pinks and mauves are definitely cool colors. The blue in the pinks can react with the yellow of the skin producing an unattractive feature.

And while it isn’t specifically makeup tips for brown eyes, you may want to avoid blue eyeshadow too. There’s the misconception that blue eyeshadow is “out”, but like I said, it really depends on who’s wearing it. Playing it safe would include skipping this color.

Silvers are not a good color for brown eyes. They tend to cause a “washed out” look. Leave silver for blue eyes.

Eyeliner Colors

And now for the eyeliner colors. Brown eyes always should include dark brown and black eyeliner. These are very good choices for this eye color. Don’t line your black liner too thick, though. That’s passé. Racoon eyes are a big no-no.

If you’re trying to open small eyes, line with silver or white, especially the first third from the inside corner of your eyelid. Then finish with a dark brown.

Navy, forest green, violet and copper are also great eyeliner choices. Play around with the different colors and pick the ones you like best.

Lynn Starner is the proprietor of Beauty Bliss Mineral Cosmetics at

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Apply Eyeliner Like a Professional| Liquid Eyeliner

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Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Applying liquid eyeliner

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Applying Liquid Eyeliner
By Jonas H David

Applying liquid eyeliner to get a good result is a wish that people want. It will help you enhance your looks. So, if you would like to be more beautiful with doing the right application of liquid eyeliner, you need to read this article.

There are some steps that you need to check out if you would like to have the best application of liquid eyeliner. Try it and you will be a queen in the party you attend.

First, you need to choose the right applicator. You could choose the felt tip which is easy to wield than a brush version. Also, it could deliver a darker, richer pigment than a marker pen.

Then, you need to stretch your eyelid at the outer corner. It is done so that it is taut. You could star your line at your inner corner and stay as close to your lashes as possible. You can also create a few dashes.

After applying those steps, you have to try to connect them. With doing many practices, you will be able to apply liquid eyeliner very well in one quick swipe.

For another choice, you could create a winged-out effect; flick the line up at the end which is also the right choice for you. The right trick that you can try is to use a light hand so you do not end up looking Amy Wine house.

If you mess it up, you just wipe off with a Q-tip and some makeup remover and try again. You no need to be tired in learning about liquid eyeliner application because the practice could make you better.

Jonas David is a great writer who writes about applying liquid eyeliner and diamond bezel necklace. Also, you could read his newest article about pave diamond necklaces.

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