Great Things Come in Small Packages| Petite Fashion Tips

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Shopping can prove to be challenging if you are tall or petite. However, while it is challenging, it is not impossible find clothing that fits you perfectly!
Dressing the Petite Woman: $25.00
Several stores offer clothing that cater to petite women. Some of these retailers are:
                Ann Taylor
               Banana Republic
               J Crew

However, not every retailer considers the petite frame. The chic fashionista offers advise to make shopping easier for a woman shopping for her petite frame. She suggests:

Strong Vertical Prints and Details
Solid Dark Colors
Three Quarter Sleeves
and more!

Check out more tips on dressing the petite frame by visiting her site!

Finding the Perfect Jeans for Your Curvy Figure!

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3 Reasons Why Women With Curves Struggle to Find the Perfect Jeans

By Dawn Goodson

There is no single fashion staple more popular than denim jeans. And believe it or not, jeans were primarily used as work clothes up until the 1950s when denim became a form of casual, everyday dress. Even though they are popular, many people search endlessly for a pair of jeans that fit and flatter, especially curvy women. You might find jeans that fit perfectly in the hips and thighs, but are either too big or too small in the waist. Or those that fit perfect at the waist, but your shapely thighs and bottom are almost swimming in your denim! What are the reasons that women with curves struggle to find the perfect jeans?

Reason #1: You Have No Idea Where To Begin Looking

With so many different brands names, you have no idea where to even begin looking. As a matter of fact, last time you were in Macy’s you tried on ten different pairs of jeans and NONE of them fit! How frustrating! Which brands are designed to fit curvy women’s bodies? The Zafu Jeans Finder is able to point you in the right direction. Simply answer a short profile of questions – and based on their extensive research on women’s bodies and jean fit – you’re given a list of jeans that work with your body type. Here’s a quick tip: If you have a big butt in proportion to your waist, you may want to try PZI Jeans. This relatively new company is getting rave reviews from women with curvy figures shaped just like you!
PZI Lotus Skinny Jeans: $79.00
Reason #2: You Don’t Invest in Jeans
PZI: Lily Boot Jean

How many times has this happened to you? You finally find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and you buy one pair. You eat, sleep, live and breathe these jeans every chance that you can get. At some point the jeans begin looking worn and you go back to purchase a new pair – only to find that your favorite jeans have been discontinued. The solution here is to change your perspective. You need to invest in great-fitting jeans whenever you can find them. This means buying three to four pairs at a time so that you have extras on reserve. Sound expensive? You can always make this cost effective by stalking the sales and then really stocking up several times per year! Or better yet, order your jeans online directly from the manufacturer. Free shipping makes it as cost-effective as buying from the store… without all the crowds.

Reason #3: You Haven’t Visited Your Local Tailor


Searching for your best-fitting jeans can be exhausting and sometimes good enough is enough. You can take those pair of jeans straight to your nearest tailor. A skilled seamstress should be able to fit your denim jeans to your body’s proportions – and essentially what you have is a pair of custom made jeans – just like the celebrities! Some high-end department stores actually have in-store tailoring services where you can take your jeans to have them perfectly fit to your body.

According to recent surveys, the majority of women struggle with finding jeans that fit and flatter. You don’t have to be one of them! Please visit Jeans for Curvy Women for your guide to finding your best-fitting jeans for curvy figures!

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Considering Purchasing Freshwater Pearls? Check out these tips!

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Freshwater Pearl

What to Know When Buying Freshwater Pearls
By Jim Chase

When buying freshwater pearls, the first thing you want to do is ensure it is a real. I know of two methods to ensure a pearl is real. One way is to put it in vinegar and if it dissolves, it was real. I saw this done on television when they were trying to prove or dispel the myth that Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in front of Julius Caesar. The pearl does not dissolve right away, but slowly over some time it would have. Therefore, disproving the myth. I would not recommend this method. The second way is to rub the pearl against your teeth. A real pearl will be gritty, while a fake one is smooth.

Now the next thing to look for is the shape of it. Once a perfectly round freshwater pearl was rare. But today, the Chinese are producing numerous ones that are perfectly round. Here are some of the most common shapes.

* Potato – is usually smooth, could also be lumpy, oval shape and can be drilled in any direction. these potato pearls can range in size from 4 millimeter (mm) to 12 mm. They also come in various colors.

* Rice – are oval or egg shaped and are drilled length wise. Their lengths can vary from 4.5 mm to 14 mm.

* Nugget – are a little more square than rice or potato pearls. These usually have one flat side.

* Stick – are usually long and flat. These are usually drilled through the flat side.

These are just a few of the more important shapes to to look for in a freshwater pearl.

For more information on freshwater pearls and to see some jewelry made from these pearls, go to Freshwater Pearls.

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Building A Wardrobe 101: 10 Things Every Lady Needs

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Building a New Wardrobe? Start with these 10 items!

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Building a wardrobe can be very fun. While many view the task as complex, it can prove to be very simple. Every woman’s wardrobe should include a few basic pieces. It is also important to purchase classic pieces that will never go out of style. Yes that trendy piece of clothing may be cheaper but it will not last as many seasons or years as the slightly more expensive classic piece. The items below are a great start for any lady that would like to build a new wardrobe:
1. Black Leather Pumps: If you need a pair of shoes that you can wear with just about anything, you can not go wrong with a basic black leather pump. In regard to heel sizes, a 2 ½ inch heel would work best.
Nine West Women’s Nuncio Pump

2. Tailored White Shirt: Whether you are headed to worship service, an interview or a movie date, you can’t go wrong with a tailored white button down. This simple yet classic piece can be dressed up or down for any occasion.
3. A Black Suit: Every lady needs a suit on standby in the event she is called for a last minute interview. A basic black suit is the best option for suiting. It allows you the versatility to dress it up with accessories or wear minimal accessories for a more conservative look. Nine West Suit

4. A Knee Length Jacket: Some outfits may require a jacket and some make require a longer, more formal overcoat. If you budget is tight, opt for a knee length jacket. This type of outwear can be worn in a casual manner as well as dressy.
5. Diamond Stud Earrings: This is a classic fashion accessory that compliments any outfit. Large or small, you can’t go wrong with diamond studs.
6. The Perfect Black Dress: If Mr. Right calls you to accompany him to his company’s banquet, would you have the perfect dress in your closet? A nicely cut black dress is a wardrobe essential for a woman’s closet. Something as simple as a sheath or nicely fitted dress can be dressed up nicely for many events with the right accessories.
7. Jeans that fit like a glove: When I say fit like I glove, I mean a nicely fitted glove and not a glove that is bursting at the seams. A classy lady would never dress is jeans that are too tight. However, it is nice to have jeans that compliment your figure.
8. Two nice handbags: While many frown upon high end designer bags, designer handbags make for wonderful day to day handbags. For example, the Louis Vuitton Speedy is built to resist the day to day wear and tear. While you may spend a little more on this bag, the years of use will prove to be well worth it. If high end designer bags are out of your budget, a nice leather handbag is also a great pick.
It is also great to have a formal handbag or clutch on hand in the event you attend a banquet or formal event. Joe’s Jeans Handbags Amber Bowler

9. Sexy Underwear: Half of how your look in your clothing is how you wear it. If you do not have properly fitting undergarments, it will show. Invest in a couple of bras that provide adequate support and coverage. You panty drawer should include a variety of cuts and styles of panties to include both thong underwear and seamless panties. Why ruin a perfect pair of fitted legging with a huge and unattractive panty line?
10. A String of Pearls and Matching Earrings: When I put my pearls on, I instantly look very classy. If you have a plain black dress, style and class can be added with a string of pearls. Pearls are a must in the jewelry box of the modern lady.

These ten things will not complete your wardrobe, but they will get you started. As you will learn, building a wardrobe can sometimes mean learning how to mix the same pieces of clothing for a different look. It can also be fun! Start with these few pieces today in establishing your new look.

Chic and Affordable:Hobo Handbags Under $300

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In a world where a Louis Vuitton Speedy retails for the amount some people pay in rent, more and more people are shying away for high end designer bags. Does that mean you can not be fashionable if you are not carrying Gucci, Louis Vuttion or Gucci? Ofcourse not! There are several brands available in the world of handbags. You can turn heads with a $250 dollar purse with the money you saved in your wallet!

There are several brands such as Michael Kors, Coach, Dooney and Burke, Kate Spade and Marc Jacob’s to name a few, that can be found in local discount stores. Steo outside of your box and instead of the major department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s, visit a TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Leohman’s instead. These store offer many of the same name brand items at much lower prices. This is the perfect place to start when shopping for a handbag. Some of these stores also offer lawaway programs. Being fly and fashionable does not mean being broke! Check out these fly and affordable handbags all under $300.

Hobo Handbags Lucky Brand Foldover Hobo: 79

B. MAKOWSKY Berkeley Hobo :$228

Elegant Outerwear| The Pashmina

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how to wear a pashmina wrap

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Over the last couple of years, the pashmina has become very popular in the fashion world. There is not always a pea coat or tea length coat that perfectly matches your party dress. There are also times where you need a dressier and classier look in a cooler atmosphere. There are the times that we most commonly see the pashmina.

What is a pashmina?

Pashmina is a Persian word that described the outer coat of a goat. Glamorous right? Pashmina shawls date back to the early days. Initially these shawls were worn only by royalty because they were very expensive. In the beginning, pashmina’s were made of wool. To be more specific, the wool was taken from the belly of a goat.

Over time, pashmina wrap has become most recognized for its style, warmth and softness. As it is very affordable, women of many social classes and ages look to pashmina’s to add warmth and flair to their look daily.

How is it different from a scarf?

Pashmina shawls are often confused with an everyday scarf. This is understandable as they are both pretty much used in the same manner. The difference is the type of materials used in creating each. If I were to be “politically correct” a pashmina is actually material. The actual article that is worn is either a pashmina scarf or a pashmina wrap. However, as with most other things, the name has been shortened to pashmina. The difference in a pashmina scarf and regular fashion scarf is the material used. Pashmina shawls and wraps are made from only special cashmere wools. Scarves, as you know can be made from a variety of materials.

Overall a pashmina is a very elegant and stylish fashion accessory. Upgrade your personal outwear wardrobe with a pashmina shawl or wrap today!

Fashion Tip to Upgrade you Style: Using a Scarf as an Accessory

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How to wear a scarf

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One of the hottest trends in fashion for 2009 has been scarves. Many of entertainment’s top celebrities have been pictured wearing colorful and printed scarves. Up until recently, scarves were classified at a fall or winter accessory. Well, no more! Today a scarf is the perfect accessory for any season of the year.
Ever gotten dressed only to find your set is missing something? Perhaps a scarf is what you need to achieve the desired results. Many people like the look of scarves but are not clear on how to wear them. Fashion scarves are available in an assortment of colors, patterns, lengths and styles. These scarves can also be worn in several ways depending on the desired look. Below are some ways a simple scarf can be worn as a fashion accessory:
Shoulder Shrug
Purse Tie
Of the above styles, two of the most popular styles are the neckerchief, knotted and looped. However, as you can see, you can make several looks with your current wardrobe just by wearing a scarf in a few different ways.
The only word of advice we can offer, is to keep it simple. If you are wearing a patterned top or blouse, you may not want to use a scarf. Especially if the scarf if patterned. Always remember less is more. Perhaps you can opt for a solid colored top and add style to your look with a patterned scarf. It is also when wearing scarves around your neck, it is usually best to skip the necklaces and chokers.
Are you ready to spice up your current wardrobe for little of nothing? Go out and get a fashion scarf to achieve your new look today!

7 Fashion Tips to Make You Look Thinner Without Losing Weight

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Losing weight is not an easy task. It can be very frustrating to prepare for a big event only to find that your dress does not fit you properly. Well lucky for you there are ways to look thinner without losing weight. Sometimes it what you wear and how you wear that can make it look as thought you are losing weight or are thinner.

1 Dark Colors

Once I made the mistake of wearing a white dress when I had picked up a couple of extra pounds. To my utter disgust, I found that the white made me look like a total whale. If I had just opted for a navy blue, brown or black dress, it would have been a much different result. When dressing to look thinner, it is important to take into consideration the color that you wear. When you are trying to look thinner, remember that darker colors are slimming. If you have gained a little weight, you might want to skip that yellow or pink dress and grab the black tube dress.

2 Spanx/Shapewear

Shape wear have been a godsend for me. After delivering my son, my waist was non existent. During pregnancy I gained about 50 pounds and I had a difficult time losing weight with a newborn. After surfing the web for fashion tips on enhancing your curves, I discovered waist training and shape wear. If you have a perfect dress for a party, but your thighs are a tad too big or your waist isn’t quite small enough, grab a pair of Spanx or a regular ole piece of Shape wear. Shape wear can make you lose and inch of your waist INSTANTLY. You will go from hubba bubba to Jessica Rabbit in 0-20 seconds. However, there are a few things to consider. If you are purchasing shape wear to wear in the summer time under thinner materials, you want to go for Spanx. Spanx does not have the wires that some shape wear has. These wires are visible at times when wearing thinner materials. You also want to consider the size. If you are waist training and want to lose an inch or two off your waist, you should buy your shape wear one size too small. For example, if I am a size medium blouse, I would buy a small in shape wear. Keep in mind, shape wear is not necessarily meant to be comfortable when used for waist training.

3 Say No to poorly fitted attire

Some believe that wearing baggy clothing makes them look thinner. Actually the opposite holds true, baggy clothing can make you look bigger and sloppier. Baggy clothing allows for no shape or definition to your figure. At the same time, extremely tight clothing is also not good. Most times tight clothing draws attention to problem areas, bulges and bumps. There are times that tight clothing can even expose that unsightly cellulite in thighs and buttocks. It is possible to wear fitted clothing that is NOT too tight. When dressing in fitted pieces, please make sure that the clothing does not expose any bulges or bumps. If you zip a skirt and a muffin top appears, that skirt is too small. If something is slightly tighter than you would like, consider wearing shape wear under the piece.

4 Low Rise Jeans

When someone mentions low rise jeans, many envision those jeans that expose your buttocks or unsightly pubic hair. Well there are several brands of women’s jeans that are low rise and sit just below the waist line. Allot of these women’s jeans, when purchased for your frame, allow you to move freely without exposing any of your private areas. However low rise jeans that sit below your waist giving the allusion of a longer more slender abdomen.

5 Careful with your patterns

Patterned material can hurt you and help you. If you are trying to draw attention away from a large bust area, you would want to avoid large patterns. It is acceptable to wear patterned clothing; you just want to make sure that the patterns are small and worn correctly. For instance, to make wide hips look thinner, you may consider a dark pencil skirt and a patterned top. The dark color on bottom is slimming and the patterned top draws attention to your top half.

6 Wear High Heels

Wearing high heels can help you look thinner in two ways. Number one and the obvious, high heels make you look taller. The taller you are the thinner you appear. Number two, heels are also great for your legs. High heels make your calves look slender and more defined. High heels are a must for looking thinner without losing weight

7 Good Posture

Last but not least good posture can take you a long way. Poor posture can make you look dumpy and very sloppy. Great posture can make you look taller and leaner. One of the simplest things one can do to look thinner without losing weight is practice good posture.

Dress to Compliment Your figure Part 1: Apple Body Type

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How Do You Compliment the Apple Body Type?

Women that are considered “apple-shaped” tend to be thicker in the middle. Most often, any weight gained is noticed first in the midsection and upper body. Apple-shaped women tend to have thinner arms and flatter buttocks. However, dressing a certain way can help apple shaped women create curves and disguise trouble areas!

If you have an apple shaped figure, your strengths are usually your bust and legs. On the flipside, you midsection tends to be your weaker area. Keeping these two points in mind, let’s look at some tips to help create a look perfect for your body type:

• Patterns should be worn with caution: It is no secret that larger patterns are good for drawing attention. With that in mind, any large patterns should not be used on the top half. On the other hand, larger patterns on a skirt paired with a simple solid color top could work well for your body type.

• Show off what you have: If you have a large bust area, playing up this area will take the attention off your midsection. Sexy v neck tops and supportive bras are your friend if you are not afraid to flaunt your ample bust. Just keep in mind, if you opt to wear spaghetti straps, or thinner straps, your bra straps should be hidden by those straps.

• She’s got legs: Commonly, apple shaped woman have killer legs! Unless you are headed to church or the office, short skirts should be your best friend. Allow those great legs to get all the attention.

• What’s in your back pocket: If you are lacking in the buttocks, try to select pants that have back pockets. Back pockets help create the illusion of fuller buttocks.

• Drop top: When possible, try to select dresses or tops that have a drop waist. These articles do no thin out in the waist area but instead thin out at the hips. This takes the attention off your midsection.

• A line diva: A line skirts are perfect for this body type because it flares from the waist area. This alone helps balance the top and bottom portions of your body!

Looking great in your clothing is as simple as learning what works for your body type. If you are an apple shaped, take the above tips into consideration and see if you do not see a change in your style! A fabulous figure is just a “tip” away!

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