Stylish and Functional| Ladies Winter Coats

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Stay Warm and Cozy in a Ladies Winter Coat!

It is not cool to look hot but freeze your butt off while doing so! Winter coats are often over looked. I know for awhile…I had maybe 3 coats. A full length coat for dressier affairs, a slightly shorter version or the full length coat and a jacket. These coats always seemed to be black. I felt that with black I was safe pairing it with anything I wore.

Boy was I wrong! Coats are available in an assortment of lengths, materials, styles and cuts! If you are decked out in a winter white pants suit, you may not want to pair that with a black pea coat. Nah! Instead, you would complete your look with a full length winter white wool coat!

Check out these styles of ladies outerwear:Jessie G. Women’s Down Parka Coat with Raccoon Fur Trim

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Double Breasted Wool Pea

Tommy Hilfiger Coat, Double-Breasted Empire

Tommy Hilfiger Coat, Wool Duffel

All “Tied” Up: Lace Up Boots and Corset Boots

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One of the hottest trends in winter fashion is the lace up boot. Lace up boots are sometimes referred to as corset boots. Designers are creating both lace up boots and lace up booties. This season booties seem to be the hottest trend in ladies footwear.

If you are anything like me, while you may drool at the Brian Atwood Lace Up Boot, you are not quick to drop over seven hundred bucks on it! Here are a few more afforable styles:

Steve Madden Women’s Trumpit Lace-Up Boot: 49

GUESS Women’s Planet Bootie: $89.40

Chinese Laundry Women’s Hint Atana Lace-Up Platform Bootie: Under 00

Hot Fashion Trend: Ladies Leatherette Jackets

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Leather or Pleather? Does it really matter? More and more we are seeing “pleather” jackets. These jakcets are so masterfully made, you really can not tell they aren’t leather!

Check out this hot little patched leatherette jacket from Bebe!
Bebe Patched Leatherette: $179

Fashion Tip to Upgrade you Style: Using a Scarf as an Accessory

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How to wear a scarf

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One of the hottest trends in fashion for 2009 has been scarves. Many of entertainment’s top celebrities have been pictured wearing colorful and printed scarves. Up until recently, scarves were classified at a fall or winter accessory. Well, no more! Today a scarf is the perfect accessory for any season of the year.
Ever gotten dressed only to find your set is missing something? Perhaps a scarf is what you need to achieve the desired results. Many people like the look of scarves but are not clear on how to wear them. Fashion scarves are available in an assortment of colors, patterns, lengths and styles. These scarves can also be worn in several ways depending on the desired look. Below are some ways a simple scarf can be worn as a fashion accessory:
Shoulder Shrug
Purse Tie
Of the above styles, two of the most popular styles are the neckerchief, knotted and looped. However, as you can see, you can make several looks with your current wardrobe just by wearing a scarf in a few different ways.
The only word of advice we can offer, is to keep it simple. If you are wearing a patterned top or blouse, you may not want to use a scarf. Especially if the scarf if patterned. Always remember less is more. Perhaps you can opt for a solid colored top and add style to your look with a patterned scarf. It is also when wearing scarves around your neck, it is usually best to skip the necklaces and chokers.
Are you ready to spice up your current wardrobe for little of nothing? Go out and get a fashion scarf to achieve your new look today!

Jessica Simpson Satin Party Dress

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Jessica Simpson Satin Party Dress

This curve-hugging dress in shimmering satin dress gurantees a night to remember! This polyester blend dress features built in bra cups to flatter any figure! Other features of this dress are:
97% Polyester 3% Span
Red hot lipstick red color
Dry clean

Trendy Fall Outerwear – Ladies Leather Bomber Jackets

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Armani Exchange Perforated Bomber Jacket

Among all the materials used for making clothes, leather is one of the most popular and sought after, especially jackets that are made of this material. You usually associate leather jackets with motorcyclists or bikers, gangs or tough guys, and rock stars. That is why people who wear this are regarded as cool, rebellious, and tough.

These days, leather jackets are not just for tough guys but also for women. Ladies leather bomber jackets are very popular for many reasons, but mostly for their benefits to the wearer. Here are some of them.

• Ladies leather jacket is considered as classic. It will never go out of style because of the timeless look of this piece of clothing. You can wear it in so many different casual occasions or events that not having it is a great disadvantage. The material looks very cool and classy, which makes women who wear this look sexy in a dangerous kind of way.
• Leather is also a very sturdy material. Compared to other materials or fabrics, leather will last longer. Your leather jacket will outlast most of your clothes inside your closet. They will not be easily torn when you fall on an asphalt or concrete road, which is the reason why bikers usually wear them.
• Ladies’ jackets made of leather are also very versatile. You can wear them with your favorite denim jeans, or even mini skirts. For the footwear, you can wear boots or flats, depending on the look that you are going after. You will not have a problem choosing the right clothes and accessories for a leather jacket because almost anything casual looks perfect with it.
• Ladies bomber jackets are expensive but it is worth it. Your jacket will last for years and will still be fashionable several years from now. If you buy trendy jackets, you have to replace them often to keep up with the current trend, which will make you spend more money.

These benefits are the reasons why a lot of people prefer to buy leather jackets. And if you still don’t have one, you should consider buying now so that you can also enjoy these benefits.

Warm, Trendy and Stylish: Ladies Sweater Dress

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How to Wear a Sweater Dress

MICHAEL Michael Kors Cowl Neck Cabled Sweater

Women’s sweater dress is very popular not just today but even before. It is very versatile and stylish. Just like your little black dress, black pumps, blue jeans, white T-shirt blouse, and pencil cut skirt, sweater dresses are also considered as a classic piece of clothing. There are many ways to wear this fashion item. Read the following lines to know more.

If you are going to wear it to have a relaxing time with your girlfriends, you can wear it casually. One great idea is to wear tight leggings and top it with your sweater dress. It is very comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear. You will look very feminine and relaxed with this kind of getup. You can choose pastel or bright colored ones depending on your mood.

You can also wear a sweater dress to work. A black turtleneck sweater dress will look very corporate and business-like. You do not need to be dowdy when wearing office attire. You can still be stylish if you know what to wear. You can pair this with your classic black pumps and pearl earrings. No outfit is more suitable for a woman on the go. You can also wear a cropped sweater over your dress which is a great layering tip. Add color to your gray or black outfit by wearing a brightly colored leggings or bag.

Another way to wear a sweater dress is to pair it with boots. Boots are very popular among women these days. They are very sturdy, fashionable, and sexy. Pair your black sweater dress with black heeled slouch boots. This is the perfect getup in winter when you need protection for you feet.

To make a boring dress more interesting, wear a belt that will match the color of your dress. For instance, a red sweater dress will look very festive if you pair it with a green belt. You can also match the shoes and the belt if you want. One tip is that if you are already wearing a colourful ensemble, make sure to minimize the use of accessories or you will end up looking like a walking Christmas tree.

These Boots Are Made For Walking – Women’s Fashion Boots

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Jessica Simpson Women’s Angie Boot

Today, boots are a great fashion item not juts for men but also for women. They look very sexy and stylish and they are also very functional. Women’s slouch boots are making a come back again after years of keeping their silence. Now, they are once again the target of fashionable women who love to follow the current trend.

But boots are not just trends. They have been around since that time when American pioneers are just starting to move to Western territories to claim lands. You probably heard about the great covered wagons driven by American pioneers who wanted to start a new life at the West. At that time cowboys were still very popular. You can still see cowboys now but the original cowboys were a breed of men separate from ordinary men. They have courage that is second to none. Cowboys and anything related to them are regarded as romantic.

These cowboys wore boots to protect their feet from the long travels by horse. Cowboy boots
are created in such a way to make it easier for men to travel and to use their feet to control the horse. High heeled boots are also extremely popular because it lends them an air of nobility. During that time, cowboy boots were usually worn by men and were made from 100 % cowhide. These were very functional and sturdy, perfect for walking and horseback riding in the rugged terrains of the Old West.

But now, these boots became a fashion item for women. They are not just made of cowhides but from many other different materials such as ostrich skins, snake skin, and crocodile hide. Suede slouch boots in particular are very popular among fashionistas because they look elegant, stylish, and they are also comfortable to wear. Leather slouch boots are considered as classic footwear for both men and women. You can buy them in different colors such as brown, back, white, pink, and so on.

The cowboys of the past will probably be amazed at how expensive these boots are sold at shoe stores. They will also be amazed at how women can easily pair slouch boots with mini skirts, shorts, or skinny jeans and look very sexy and stylish.

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