Ladies Coral Fashion Accessories

Coral fashion accessories make for great summer statement pieces. These pieces are great for color blocking and dressing up a conservative look. Coral is a color that compliments sun kissed skin. This makes coral accessories perfect for hanging out at the beach.

Whether it’s completely coral or partially coral, a coral statement necklace take an outfit from drab to fab instantly.  ChicEscape, paired this J. Crew coral necklace with a blue pleated dress.  We totally love this look.  Who says color blocked has to stop with articles of clothing?  Add your accessories to the mix.

Coral Statement Necklace

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Adding a coral accessories to your look is much easier than you may think.  Perhaps you are wearing jeans and a white top, add a large coral ring to your hand.  This will add the perfect touch of color to your look.  Shardette (pictued above)wore an blue and white stripes with dark jeans.  Her color comes in with her accessories.


3 Tips on Deciding What to Wear to a Cocktail Party

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The holidays are here and it’s time to party! You may be wondering what to wear to that holiday cocktail party. Well, not to worry, your personal style consultant is here to help! There are several options from a strapless dresses to a simple black dress paired with awesome accessories. Let’s take a look at some options!

Dressing for a Cocktail Party| Comfort

One thing you want to consider when dressing for a cocktail party is comfort. How can you enjoy the party if your feet are hurting or your shape wear is cutting off circulation? Being cute does not have to be uncomfortable! Tips for finding a dress that provides comfort:

1. Avoid clingy pieces that require shape wear
2. Shop for dresses that play up your strongest features
3. If there will be standing or dancing, avoid new shoes or shoes that are not comfortable

Jessica Simpson One Shoulder Cocktail Dress Jessica Simpson One shoulder Cocktail DressJessica Simpson Black Lace Cocktail DressJessica Simpson Lace Cocktail Dress

Dressing for a Cocktail Party| Why does it have to be a dress?

While many times, dresses are the attire of choice, it is not the requirement. There are several pieces that can be styled in a dressy and often festive fashion. Take for instance a sequin jacket. Paired with a solid color skirt, tights and funky shoes, a sequin jacket can instantly create a stylish party look.

Mango Ladies Sequin Blazer JacketMango Ladies Sequin Blazer Jacket
Calvin Klein Ladies Sequin Blazer JacketCalvin Klein Ladies Sequin Blazer Jacket

Dressing for a Cocktail Party| Don’t Procrastinate

While reading a fashion magazine a couple of months ago, I ran across a very true statement. We often find the best dresses for parties when we are not shopping for them. Do not wait until it’s time to party to shop for the perfect party attire. Keep your eyes open for inspiration and deals year round. This means when party time arrives, it’s no pressure to get out there and shop for the perfect look. It also means you are less likely to bump into someone at the party in the same outfit.

Hopefully these three tips can help you prepare for the upcoming holiday parties. Deciding what to wear to a cocktail party is not a challenging task at all…if you are prepared! Now come on, let’s party!

PZI Exclusive: Pewter Skinny Jeans

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Just in time for Mother’s day! Charm your friends and family in these sexy skinny jeans…or make your mother’s day with a “denim make over”

More details on the jeans here

Pewter Jean – Dark Wash. 98% cotton 2% spandex. Imported denim Basic 5 Pkt Skinny jean. Grey wash. Full embroidered detail back pocket. Tight Fit. Machine washable. Available in Short 30″, Regular 32″ and Long 34″ inseams. sizes 4 – 16

Ladies Wardrobe Must Have: Ladies Ankle Boots

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Cheap Ladies Ankle Boots: Steve by Steven Madden Brant Ankle Boot

One of the hottest trends of Fall/Winter 09-10 is ladies ankle boots. Ankle boots are very versatile and can be styled with an assortment of outfits. These boots are also available in an assortment of colors, heel heights and materials.The standard ankle boot stops right at your ankle bone. This season we have seen bright colored leather ankle boots and even open toe ankle boots. However, every lady needs a pair of black ankle boots in her closet.

Steven by Steve Madden bring us the Brant Ankle Boot
This boot is trendy without going overboard and can be paired with slacks, skinny jeans, leggings and more! Update your shoe game with a pair of Steven By Steve Madden Women’s Brant Ankle Boot

Fashion Accessory Trend| The Long Chain

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Hot Fashion Accessory: The Long Chain Necklace

Have you ever gotten dressed and felt that your outfit was missing something? Ever felt like your outfit did not have enough style to it? It is amazing to see how much style a simple long chain add a sense of style to your look.

Long chain necklaces are available in a assortment of styles, colors and legnths. These neckalces can be worn in a dressy or casual manner!

Pick your up today!

Mixed Chain Layered Long Necklace

Long Black Onyx Stone Beads Sterling Silver Box Chain 53

Gold Long Chain with Key Charm

Considering Purchasing Freshwater Pearls? Check out these tips!

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Freshwater Pearl

What to Know When Buying Freshwater Pearls
By Jim Chase

When buying freshwater pearls, the first thing you want to do is ensure it is a real. I know of two methods to ensure a pearl is real. One way is to put it in vinegar and if it dissolves, it was real. I saw this done on television when they were trying to prove or dispel the myth that Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in front of Julius Caesar. The pearl does not dissolve right away, but slowly over some time it would have. Therefore, disproving the myth. I would not recommend this method. The second way is to rub the pearl against your teeth. A real pearl will be gritty, while a fake one is smooth.

Now the next thing to look for is the shape of it. Once a perfectly round freshwater pearl was rare. But today, the Chinese are producing numerous ones that are perfectly round. Here are some of the most common shapes.

* Potato – is usually smooth, could also be lumpy, oval shape and can be drilled in any direction. these potato pearls can range in size from 4 millimeter (mm) to 12 mm. They also come in various colors.

* Rice – are oval or egg shaped and are drilled length wise. Their lengths can vary from 4.5 mm to 14 mm.

* Nugget – are a little more square than rice or potato pearls. These usually have one flat side.

* Stick – are usually long and flat. These are usually drilled through the flat side.

These are just a few of the more important shapes to to look for in a freshwater pearl.

For more information on freshwater pearls and to see some jewelry made from these pearls, go to Freshwater Pearls.

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Building A Wardrobe 101: 10 Things Every Lady Needs

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Building a New Wardrobe? Start with these 10 items!

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Building a wardrobe can be very fun. While many view the task as complex, it can prove to be very simple. Every woman’s wardrobe should include a few basic pieces. It is also important to purchase classic pieces that will never go out of style. Yes that trendy piece of clothing may be cheaper but it will not last as many seasons or years as the slightly more expensive classic piece. The items below are a great start for any lady that would like to build a new wardrobe:
1. Black Leather Pumps: If you need a pair of shoes that you can wear with just about anything, you can not go wrong with a basic black leather pump. In regard to heel sizes, a 2 ½ inch heel would work best.
Nine West Women’s Nuncio Pump

2. Tailored White Shirt: Whether you are headed to worship service, an interview or a movie date, you can’t go wrong with a tailored white button down. This simple yet classic piece can be dressed up or down for any occasion.
3. A Black Suit: Every lady needs a suit on standby in the event she is called for a last minute interview. A basic black suit is the best option for suiting. It allows you the versatility to dress it up with accessories or wear minimal accessories for a more conservative look. Nine West Suit

4. A Knee Length Jacket: Some outfits may require a jacket and some make require a longer, more formal overcoat. If you budget is tight, opt for a knee length jacket. This type of outwear can be worn in a casual manner as well as dressy.
5. Diamond Stud Earrings: This is a classic fashion accessory that compliments any outfit. Large or small, you can’t go wrong with diamond studs.
6. The Perfect Black Dress: If Mr. Right calls you to accompany him to his company’s banquet, would you have the perfect dress in your closet? A nicely cut black dress is a wardrobe essential for a woman’s closet. Something as simple as a sheath or nicely fitted dress can be dressed up nicely for many events with the right accessories.
7. Jeans that fit like a glove: When I say fit like I glove, I mean a nicely fitted glove and not a glove that is bursting at the seams. A classy lady would never dress is jeans that are too tight. However, it is nice to have jeans that compliment your figure.
8. Two nice handbags: While many frown upon high end designer bags, designer handbags make for wonderful day to day handbags. For example, the Louis Vuitton Speedy is built to resist the day to day wear and tear. While you may spend a little more on this bag, the years of use will prove to be well worth it. If high end designer bags are out of your budget, a nice leather handbag is also a great pick.
It is also great to have a formal handbag or clutch on hand in the event you attend a banquet or formal event. Joe’s Jeans Handbags Amber Bowler

9. Sexy Underwear: Half of how your look in your clothing is how you wear it. If you do not have properly fitting undergarments, it will show. Invest in a couple of bras that provide adequate support and coverage. You panty drawer should include a variety of cuts and styles of panties to include both thong underwear and seamless panties. Why ruin a perfect pair of fitted legging with a huge and unattractive panty line?
10. A String of Pearls and Matching Earrings: When I put my pearls on, I instantly look very classy. If you have a plain black dress, style and class can be added with a string of pearls. Pearls are a must in the jewelry box of the modern lady.

These ten things will not complete your wardrobe, but they will get you started. As you will learn, building a wardrobe can sometimes mean learning how to mix the same pieces of clothing for a different look. It can also be fun! Start with these few pieces today in establishing your new look.

Closet Love: How to Use Your Boyfriend’s Closet As Your Own

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Boyfriend Jeans, Suspenders, Boyfriend blazers… these are all recent and hot trends. Women dressed in men’s clothing seems to be the “in” thing right now. teaches female readers all about using their boyfriend’s clothing as their own!

Recently, the Creative Director over at Elle,Joe Zee, successfully made over a couple. Check out a little of what Joe has to say:

With that in mind, and in the spirit of ELLE’s Modern Love issue, I thought, Let’s clean up the guys first so that their girlfriends will have something to steal. Then they can all look good in the process—it’s win-win. A few months back, I asked readers to nominate their boyfriends in desperate need of a Dude-Over. I gave them my A to Zee treatment (special thanks to H&M for all the men’s clothes), keeping in mind which items girlfriends can “borrow” and how they can wear them. I now see why this closet raid works so well. But one thing, guys: If those raids become excessive and you’re left with nothing to wear, you know whom you can call. I’ve heard it all before.

Sound interesting? Check out the entire male/female fashion makeover here!

What time is it? Stylish Time Pieces: Ladies Ceramic Watches

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Ladies Fashion Must: Ladies Ceramic Watch
Michael Kors Ceramic White Chronograph Bracelet Silver-tone Dial Women’s Watch #MK5183

One of the hottest accessories for women lately is the ceramic watch. Although many believe that a ceramic watch would be very fragile because it is made of ceramic, well the opposite is true! Ceramic watches are great for casual or day to day wear because they do not scratch easily.

The Michael Kors ceramic watch
is one of the more popular models. There are several colors and face styles available. If you are looking for an affordable casual watch, perhaps you should consider this watch.

Stylish and Functional| Ladies Winter Coats

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Stay Warm and Cozy in a Ladies Winter Coat!

It is not cool to look hot but freeze your butt off while doing so! Winter coats are often over looked. I know for awhile…I had maybe 3 coats. A full length coat for dressier affairs, a slightly shorter version or the full length coat and a jacket. These coats always seemed to be black. I felt that with black I was safe pairing it with anything I wore.

Boy was I wrong! Coats are available in an assortment of lengths, materials, styles and cuts! If you are decked out in a winter white pants suit, you may not want to pair that with a black pea coat. Nah! Instead, you would complete your look with a full length winter white wool coat!

Check out these styles of ladies outerwear:Jessie G. Women’s Down Parka Coat with Raccoon Fur Trim

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Double Breasted Wool Pea

Tommy Hilfiger Coat, Double-Breasted Empire

Tommy Hilfiger Coat, Wool Duffel

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