Chic and Affordable:Hobo Handbags Under $300

In a world where a Louis Vuitton Speedy retails for the amount some people pay in rent, more and more people are shying away for high end designer bags. Does that mean you can not be fashionable if you are not carrying Gucci, Louis Vuttion or Gucci? Ofcourse not! There are several brands available in the world of handbags. You can turn heads with a $250 dollar purse with the money you saved in your wallet!

There are several brands such as Michael Kors, Coach, Dooney and Burke, Kate Spade and Marc Jacob’s to name a few, that can be found in local discount stores. Steo outside of your box and instead of the major department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s, visit a TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Leohman’s instead. These store offer many of the same name brand items at much lower prices. This is the perfect place to start when shopping for a handbag. Some of these stores also offer lawaway programs. Being fly and fashionable does not mean being broke! Check out these fly and affordable handbags all under $300.

Hobo Handbags Lucky Brand Foldover Hobo: 79

B. MAKOWSKY Berkeley Hobo :$228

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