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Freshwater Pearl

What to Know When Buying Freshwater Pearls
By Jim Chase

When buying freshwater pearls, the first thing you want to do is ensure it is a real. I know of two methods to ensure a pearl is real. One way is to put it in vinegar and if it dissolves, it was real. I saw this done on television when they were trying to prove or dispel the myth that Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in front of Julius Caesar. The pearl does not dissolve right away, but slowly over some time it would have. Therefore, disproving the myth. I would not recommend this method. The second way is to rub the pearl against your teeth. A real pearl will be gritty, while a fake one is smooth.

Now the next thing to look for is the shape of it. Once a perfectly round freshwater pearl was rare. But today, the Chinese are producing numerous ones that are perfectly round. Here are some of the most common shapes.

* Potato – is usually smooth, could also be lumpy, oval shape and can be drilled in any direction. these potato pearls can range in size from 4 millimeter (mm) to 12 mm. They also come in various colors.

* Rice – are oval or egg shaped and are drilled length wise. Their lengths can vary from 4.5 mm to 14 mm.

* Nugget – are a little more square than rice or potato pearls. These usually have one flat side.

* Stick – are usually long and flat. These are usually drilled through the flat side.

These are just a few of the more important shapes to to look for in a freshwater pearl.

For more information on freshwater pearls and to see some jewelry made from these pearls, go to Freshwater Pearls.

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