Fashion Tip to Upgrade you Style: Using a Scarf as an Accessory

How to wear a scarf

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One of the hottest trends in fashion for 2009 has been scarves. Many of entertainment’s top celebrities have been pictured wearing colorful and printed scarves. Up until recently, scarves were classified at a fall or winter accessory. Well, no more! Today a scarf is the perfect accessory for any season of the year.
Ever gotten dressed only to find your set is missing something? Perhaps a scarf is what you need to achieve the desired results. Many people like the look of scarves but are not clear on how to wear them. Fashion scarves are available in an assortment of colors, patterns, lengths and styles. These scarves can also be worn in several ways depending on the desired look. Below are some ways a simple scarf can be worn as a fashion accessory:
Shoulder Shrug
Purse Tie
Of the above styles, two of the most popular styles are the neckerchief, knotted and looped. However, as you can see, you can make several looks with your current wardrobe just by wearing a scarf in a few different ways.
The only word of advice we can offer, is to keep it simple. If you are wearing a patterned top or blouse, you may not want to use a scarf. Especially if the scarf if patterned. Always remember less is more. Perhaps you can opt for a solid colored top and add style to your look with a patterned scarf. It is also when wearing scarves around your neck, it is usually best to skip the necklaces and chokers.
Are you ready to spice up your current wardrobe for little of nothing? Go out and get a fashion scarf to achieve your new look today!

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