Maternity Style: Dressing Your Bump

One of the first tasks for newly pregnant women is learning to establish their “maternity style”. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and time for any woman. However, it can be a little challenging finding a “stylish” wardrobe for the ever changing pregnany body.

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Establishing Maternity Style with Ease

Whether the idea of maternity clothing is exciting or frightening, establishing maternity style is not as difficult as many believe. Depending on your pre pregnancy weight, your pregnancy warbrobe could consist of all new clothes or simply making the best of items already in your closet. As with any type of fashion stylying, one of the first rules is knowing your body and what works best for you.
We’ve pulled together a few tips and ideas to help the newly pregnant mom to be struggling putting together a stylish look.

To Buy Maternity Clothes or Not

Some women are super excited about maternity clothing and some women despise maternity clothing.  Contrary to poplar belief, in most cases, maternity clothing is not a requirement.  With the exception of pants or slacks, most regular sized clothing can be worn during pregnancy.  There are also belly extenders that can extend the wear of pre pregnancy slacks and pants.

If larger clothing is needed, there is the option of buying regular clothing in larger sizes.  Not all maternity clothing is super stylish.  If you fancy yourself a “fashionasita”, some of the standard maternity tunics, tops and dresses will hardly meet your standards.  However, simply going up a size or two in regular clothing may present several stylish alternatives to maternity clothing.  Depending your pre pregnancy size, plus size clothing may also be an option.

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Where are the CUTE Maternity Clothes

If you are excited about shopping for maternity clothes, don’t let this article discourage you!  There are TONS of stylish options for the fashion forward mother to be!  Check out some of our favorite maternity styles!

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