Stylish and Functional| Ladies Winter Coats

Stay Warm and Cozy in a Ladies Winter Coat!

It is not cool to look hot but freeze your butt off while doing so! Winter coats are often over looked. I know for awhile…I had maybe 3 coats. A full length coat for dressier affairs, a slightly shorter version or the full length coat and a jacket. These coats always seemed to be black. I felt that with black I was safe pairing it with anything I wore.

Boy was I wrong! Coats are available in an assortment of lengths, materials, styles and cuts! If you are decked out in a winter white pants suit, you may not want to pair that with a black pea coat. Nah! Instead, you would complete your look with a full length winter white wool coat!

Check out these styles of ladies outerwear:Jessie G. Women’s Down Parka Coat with Raccoon Fur Trim

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Double Breasted Wool Pea

Tommy Hilfiger Coat, Double-Breasted Empire

Tommy Hilfiger Coat, Wool Duffel

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