Dress to Compliment Your figure Part 1: Apple Body Type

December 21, 2009 by  
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How Do You Compliment the Apple Body Type?

Women that are considered “apple-shaped” tend to be thicker in the middle. Most often, any weight gained is noticed first in the midsection and upper body. Apple-shaped women tend to have thinner arms and flatter buttocks. However, dressing a certain way can help apple shaped women create curves and disguise trouble areas!

If you have an apple shaped figure, your strengths are usually your bust and legs. On the flipside, you midsection tends to be your weaker area. Keeping these two points in mind, let’s look at some tips to help create a look perfect for your body type:

• Patterns should be worn with caution: It is no secret that larger patterns are good for drawing attention. With that in mind, any large patterns should not be used on the top half. On the other hand, larger patterns on a skirt paired with a simple solid color top could work well for your body type.

• Show off what you have: If you have a large bust area, playing up this area will take the attention off your midsection. Sexy v neck tops and supportive bras are your friend if you are not afraid to flaunt your ample bust. Just keep in mind, if you opt to wear spaghetti straps, or thinner straps, your bra straps should be hidden by those straps.

• She’s got legs: Commonly, apple shaped woman have killer legs! Unless you are headed to church or the office, short skirts should be your best friend. Allow those great legs to get all the attention.

• What’s in your back pocket: If you are lacking in the buttocks, try to select pants that have back pockets. Back pockets help create the illusion of fuller buttocks.

• Drop top: When possible, try to select dresses or tops that have a drop waist. These articles do no thin out in the waist area but instead thin out at the hips. This takes the attention off your midsection.

• A line diva: A line skirts are perfect for this body type because it flares from the waist area. This alone helps balance the top and bottom portions of your body!

Looking great in your clothing is as simple as learning what works for your body type. If you are an apple shaped, take the above tips into consideration and see if you do not see a change in your style! A fabulous figure is just a “tip” away!