What is my fashion style: Part 1 Classic Fashion

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Fashion Self Awareness: Learning Your Fashion Style

Excerpt from book ” Style is a public display of your most intimate idea of self and your truly unique personal history.” I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style

When determining your personal fashion style, the first step is identifying your fashion style. Some of the most common styles of fashion are: classic, bohemian, contemporary, street and high fashion. Often people view these and assume their personal style. Personally, my aassumption was off mark. I assumed based on the options above that my fashion style was contemporary or high fashion. As I took a closer look at each of these I learned that I was wrong.

Classic fashion is often catergorized as simple. This is why I assumed my style was not classic. Classic fashion does not follow trends. It is timeless and does not age. The lines are straight and sleek. Classic fashion is also not flashy. Although Marc Jacobs or Prada may have designed your dress, it would not be noticable by looking at your attire.

Class fashion does tend to gravitate to basic and primary colors. However, that does not mean that these colors can not be paired together to make a fashion statement.

Here are some examples of Classic Fashion Style:

Blue and Gray Classic