Timo Weiland

December 24, 2012 by  
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Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein heeded the call of the jungle this season. In Weiland’s own words, the design duo went “a little animal-print crazy,” developing leopard-spot lace and a tonal leopard brocade, as well as crystal leopard embroideries. To go with their big-cat motif, because why not, Weiland and Eckstein introduced a deep-sea reference to the collection, creating a nice underwater print of dappled blues. All very Life of Pi, if you think about it.

Not that the Timo Weiland girl, herself, had gone particularly wild: Per usual, there was a sweetness and a sense of decorum to these clothes, though the collection’s emphasis on sheers did push the look in a sexier direction. There was also a welcome sense of ease, with unfussy looks like wide-leg printed pants and semi-sheer tees straddling the line of dressed up and dressed down. Elsewhere, the black brocade tuxedo suit made for a relaxed yet natty evening look. Overall, the animal kingdom theme this season may have been a metaphor for Weiland and Eckstein’s evolving approach to design: Ever so tentatively, they are beginning to let themselves run free.
—Maya Singer
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