Three Ways to Polish Your Winter Wardrobe!

Are you looking to polish or perfect your wardrobe this season? Do you view pictures of magazines and wonder why you can never achieve that polished or chic look? Adding flair to your wardrobe is not a difficult task. Adding a dash of flair can be as simple as adding a scarf. Incorporating animal prints, bold colors and trendy accessories (such as scarves) instantly polishes an outfit. Not sure what we mean? Keep reading!

One of the hottest trends this season is animal print anything! Pair animal print flats with jeans, a t-shirt and blazer and instantly have a hot look. Animal print is attention grabbing and if worn properly can be very chic! Check out some of these looks!

1. Animal Print

animal print cardigans An animal print cardigan instantly adds style to any set. Here, we paired the cardigan with jeans and a white tshirt first. Adding simply orange flats gave the outfit just the right amount of flair. If you desire a dressier look, pair the cardigan with a classic black dress and attention grabbing pumps.
how to wear animal print shirt The animal print blouse can be paired with jeans or a skirt. With this pattern, it does not take a lot to get that jazzy look. Add bright shoes or even a classic black bootie or pump and you are in business!

2. Bright Colors
A pair of bright colored pumps or sweater. Adding a splash a color or color blocking creates a very chic look! Some of the cutest shoes this season are available in vibrant hues.
how to wear bright colorsHere, we paired a navy blue dress with gray pumps and a hot pink caplet.  Although none of the colors are in the same family, they create a nice chic look. 

How to wear bold colors

For a more casual look but polished look, we paired jeans and a boat neck tee with cobalt blue pumps and a yellow blazer.  Eye catching and sophisticated, the perfect look for dinner with the girls or a movie date with your sweetie.


Another way to add style to you outfit is by using accessories.  Scarves, bracelets, necklaces , brooches and handbags are just a few accessories that instantly add style to an outfit.

fashion accessories

In our final set, we paired a simple red dress with other “simple” accessories.  When the scarf, boots and handbag were added the dress instantly went from blah to BAM.

Still feeling discouraged about your wardrobe?  Grab fashion magazines and search the internet for inspiration.  There are tons of ways to incorporate all of these tips and more into your winter fashion!

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